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Open Swim

Please check the current pool usage schedule for open swim times on our Universal App. Open swim is for swimmers who do not engage in lap swimming or any advertised YMCA class. It is available for any YMCA member to enjoy, play and/or exercise in the water.  Please see below posted rules for the pool and open swim.

Pool Rules

  • Any child age 5 and under MUST be in the water with a parent. Parents MUST be within an arms reach from child at all times.
  • Any child between 6 and 11, MUST have a supervising adult in the pool area at all times. CHILD CANNOT SWIM UNLESS AN ADULT IS IN THE POOL AREA.
  • A supervising adult/guardian must be 14 or older
  • No breath holding contest, games or challenges
  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn in pool. No underwear jeans or cutoffs.
  • Please shower prior to pool entry
  • Walk, don’t run on deck
  • No rough play or throwing children
  • Lifeguard has final authority