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Your YMCA Account at your Fingertips

Welcome to the Y. Our membership and program portal allows you to:

  • Join the Y
  • Register for programs
  • Update your contact information
  • Schedule payments
  • Change billing information

Please review the instructions below before beginning the process of setting up your online account.

Member Portal

What types of memberships do you have?

Learn more about our membership types and their costs below!

Join here

Do you offer day passes or punch cards?

We offer day passes at $15/day. This includes full access to the facility of your choice including group fitness classes. 

Punch cards are available. A punch card is $100 for 10 punches. Your card can be used at either location.

May I bring a guest?

Want to share your Y experience with a friend?  Here is what you need to know about our Guest Policy.

Members may bring a guest(s) as follows:

  • Member must be 18 years of age or older and remain at the YMCA with the guest at all times
  • Members 17 years of age and younger cannot bring guests
  • Primary Member may bring up to 3 guests per calendar year
  • Guests 16 years of age and older must produce a valid ID and complete a non-member participant waiver.
  • Guests 17 years of age or younger must have a non-member participant waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian
How do I schedule an orientation?

As part of your YMCA membership you receive a free orientation or wellness goals meeting.  To schedule you may call the branch, stop by the front desk or email [email protected]

Can I put my membership on hold?

Members may place their drafting membership on hold for up to three months in a twelve month period.

See a front desk team member for more information on this option.

How do I cancel my membership?

There are no cancellation fees when cancelling your YMCA of Alaska membership. Any cancellation must happen prior to the first of the month. 

Cancellation of membership must be done in person at the branch or sent via registered mail. Membership continues until the YMCA of Alaska receives this notice.

A six-month and/or annual membership is non-refundable, non-transferable and not able to be placed on hold at any time during the terms of your membership.

The Y reserves the right to cancel your membership due to code of conduct violations, non-payment, or other situations that deem it necessary

Members may place their drafting membership on hold for up to three months in a twelve month period.

When can my child go into the Fitness Center?

Fitness orientation and ActivTrax activation must be completed prior to using the fitness center. 

10-12 years of age - Parent must be physically present with their child, actively assisting them with their ActivTrax workout.

12-14 years of age - Parent must be in the fitness center and helping guide their child through their workout. Children should be continuing their ActivTrax recommended exercise program. 

14-16 years of age - Parents do not need to be in the fitness center. This age group will have full access to equipment on the fitness floor after completing a fitness equipment skills check or new orientation and ActivTrax fitness evaluation. 

Cost: $20 due at the time of appointment

Register: Email [email protected] to schedule your youth orientation. 

Can my child attend a group fitness class?

Yes! The YMCA of Alaska group fitness classes encourage families to workout together. You ages 10+ may attend group fitness classes in any of the group ex studios. Youth wishing to attend fitness classes in the fitness center must be with a parent in the class or have taken the youth orientation. 

May I bring my pet to the YMCA?

Pets are not permitted on YMCA of Alaska  property unless the Y is hosting a pet-specific community event.

Service dogs are exempt from the limitations while in the performance of their duties.

What are the gymnasium guidelines?

A full gymnasium is available at the Lake Otis location. The Southside branch has a small 1/4 court.  Open gym time is pursuant to local branch availability.  Members are asked to conduct themselves in accordance with the YMCA Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct during gym play may result in a warning, suspension or cancellation of membership.

  •         Non-marking soled shoes required
  •         Shirts must be worn at all times
  •         All shorts and pants must be worn at waist level
  •         Dunking is prohibited
  •         Foul language and profanity is prohibited
  •         Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in gym except for bottled water
  •         Guests may be limited based on capacity; please check with local Y
  •         Members age 12 and older may use the gym unaccompanied

Children 11 and younger must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or sibling age 18 or older, who must remain in the gym area with the child.

Can I use my membership at other Y's?

Yes!  As part of the YMCA movement you have access to YMCAs across the country

Nationwide Membership enables you to visit any participating Y in the United States through membership at your “home” YMCA (your home location is the association that enrolled you as a member and that collects your membership dues).

We offer this because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work or travel. This is an essential part of our cause of strengthening communities.

What You Need to Know
- Valid for active, full facility YMCA members
- Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time
- Program-only participants and special memberships are not eligible for Nationwide Membership
- If you are traveling check here for participating YMCA’s

What are the Y's expectations of members?

The YMCA is committed to youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  As such, behavior inconsistent with our mission and cause is not permitted on YMCA property or program sites. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •         Profanity or abusive language
  •         Theft or destruction of property
  •         Physical contact with and/or threatening other YMCA members,
            staff or program participants
  •         Use of tobacco products or electronic/vaping products
  •         Consumption of alcohol
  •         Attire and behavior appropriate for a family facility
  •         Anyone registered as a sex offender

The YMCA Board of Directors has directed the staff to monitor the activities and behavior of Y members.  Behavior inconsistent with our Code of Conduct will be dealt with and may result in termination of facility access, membership and/or program participation privileges. If a member's facility access is revoked due to a Code of Conduct Violation, it will not be reinstated.

It is the goal of the YMCA to provide a safe place for individuals and families to grow and thrive in spirit, mind and body.  The YMCA of Alaska prohibits the carrying or possession of firearms, tasers, large knives or other objects determined to be dangerous on YMCA property or program space by anyone other than public law enforcement officers.

In an effort to provide a healthy environment for all our members and program participants, YMCA facilities and program sites are tobacco and vaping free zones.

In an ongoing effort to maintain a safe environment for children, adults and families, the use of cell phones or other devices for audio, camera and/or video recording is strictly prohibited in all locker rooms, bathrooms and work out areas.

How do I login to my account?
  • Click Here
  • Enter e-mail address
  • Enter Password & Login
What do I do if I forgot my password?
  • Click ‘Forgot Password’
  • A window will open up to prompt you to enter your e-mail address
  • Enter your e-mail address & Click ‘Submit’
  • An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided with steps to update your password
  • Select the link provided in the e-mail You will then be prompted to update your password
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Continue to browse for programs or membership as needed
I have been locked out of my account.

Even if your password is reset by your home branch you will be locked out of your account for 1 hour. During that time, you will need to contact a branch to register for programs.

How do I get a receipt?
  • Log on to your Account Click on ‘Payment History’
  • Select the drop down list for the date range needed
  • Click the arrow next to each payment method to see the details of the fees
  • Click the printer icon to view a ‘Printer Friendly’ receipt option
How do I update my credit card for my account?
  • To update your credit card expiration date:
    • Go to ‘Billing Methods’ section
    • Select each billing method to edit the information
    • Update as needed & Click ‘Submit’
    • Select the red icon next to any billing method you would like to completely remove from your record. Please note: you cannot delete a draft method that is currently being used for membership, scheduled program payments, or scheduled pledge payments.
  • To add a new credit card or EFT to your account:
    • Go to ‘Payment Management’ section Click ‘Add Credit Card’ or ‘Add Bank Draft’
    • Enter the billing method information Click ‘Submit’
  • To update the billing method associated with your membership:
    • Select the ‘Edit’ pencil next to the billing method within ‘Account Summary’ section
    • Select new billing method from the drop down list & Click ‘Submit’
    • If you do not see the your preferred billing method, go to the ‘Payment Management’ section and add a new billing method
  • To update a scheduled payment for a program:
    • Click on ‘My Balance’
    • Select ‘Cancel’ or ‘Reschedule’ next to each scheduled payment
    • Enter a new date or select correct billing method & click ‘Update Schedule’